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To create a world where every woman has the right to live a life that is positive, meaningful, and self-fulfilling. A right to be accepted and respected regardless of race, culture, religion or nationality. A right of access to a group with community support sufficient to achieve personal or collective goals, and find happiness, stability, and self-worth.


Our mission is to empower women and to create a strong sisterhood in Jeddah by establishing a non-governmental, non-profit opportunity center for women. We are a diverse group that supports and benefits from the strength and expertise of its members. We enhance our sisterhood by embracing our differences in lifestyle, culture, nationality and faith. In an informal and friendly atmosphere, we enrich lives through social events, educational talks and programs, cultural exchange and community service.

Pathway’s to Human Solidarity seeks through cooperative efforts and collaborations to create programs with an aim to empower women to help themselves to develop their skills and the capability to face challenges in their lives.

Our primary focus is personal development by holding workshops relating to marriage, birthing and childrearing, and dealing with special needs children. We tackle social responsibilities through community service, environmental awareness through recycling and preserving natural resources, social diseases through cancer awareness, as well as dealing with depression, isolation, cultural differences, self-defense, and bereavement support and counseling.

Pathways focus on putting women in the frontline by combining their skills, expertise, and efforts. Our target is to reach out to every woman in Jeddah, to create hope, purpose, and opportunity in their lives, and give them a network of resources. We aim to uphold women’s rights, assist women’s development and emotional well-being, and encourage peace through a diverse and nonjudgmental support system. Thus, we strive to ensure to uplift the dis-empowered individual and encourage self-respect and self-development by accepting every individual unconditionally. Our commitment goes beyond the barriers of religion, race, and color, social or economic status.

Whilst we are firm on our objectives, we also have a great deal of fun along the way, creating bonds that last a lifetime, while focusing on motivation and positive thought. YOUR commitment can make a difference. At Pathways to Human Solidarity, you will strengthen your connection with yourself, your sisterhood of friends, your family, your community and the world, with facilitation and sincerest intentions from our team.


Pathways to Human Solidarity Aims to ensure the inclusion of women by creating stronger community connections and engaging them in their own empowerment. Without such connections to other women and families, it is far too easy to feel alone and isolated in a foreign culture, but it does not have to be this way.

Pathways to Human Solidarity is a volunteer organization of women, run by women, and dedicated to the support of women. We have designed a platform, which is especially focused on the expatriates living in Jeddah. This platform can benefit them through its resources and support system, with the help of all the volunteers, and through a strong sisterhood comprised of its expatriate and Saudi national members.

The concept: strengthen the individual, strengthen the family, strengthen the community, strengthen the society. Empowerment leads to economic growth.

We want to promote and encourage a positive outlook on life, through the provision of a mutual understanding and tolerance of all women and their beliefs. Through this collective energy, we believe we can increase the positive frequency of our communities, and redirect it to our families and society. It is important for women to know that they are not alone but supported by friends and peers, making it easier to bridge gaps between women from different cultures and customs through emotional support and practical help.

Worldwide, women represent at least half of the population. The United Nations and many governments, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 2030 vision and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education, is pushing to involve women as partners to men in all fields. This if for the purpose of developing quality education systems, supporting economic growth, sustaining a healthy ecosystem and many other important types of developments. This change will not only benefit our society overall but it will add to the stability and improvement of future generations. After all, women are in charge of the world’s greatest natural resources: our children.

Women often face unique challenges. The fact that a large number of the women currently living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are expats creates even greater challenges. Many of these women find it difficult to adapt to the differing social norms and customs, partly because of language barriers. These barriers may prevent them from being active, productive members of society, even though they have education and talents which could benefit their communities and the society overall. Because this unique group of expat women has left their countries, family, and friends behind to live in a new country with different cultural norms and a new language, they can feel like an outcast or victim. This type of mindset only decreases the stability and productivity of any society. We aim to change this pattern by supporting these women so that they can use their skills and education to be productive and useful in their new communities and country, just as they were previously in their home communities and countries.

The Pathways of Human Solidarity plans to collaborate with other NGO’s, local women’s associations, schools, and businesses. This will happen first through networking with other women’s groups, and second by using the education and individual talents of the members so that we are able to create a sense of community through self-development programs.

This collaboration also encourages volunteerism and gives local women free use of the facilities for socialization. The members will have the opportunity to volunteer their talents and expertise to the programs and events held in the center. It also creates a bond between locals and expats and enables the expats to integrate into the society and feel as they belong in the society. Examples include arranging and teaching classes, facilitating programs, or attending and participate in such programs, events, and classes. This sisterhood support will be a powerful force for empowerment, emotional healing, and positive social change.

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Shaima Khalid

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